P2P tutorial: Version control with git

“Git” it together: A Tool for Reproducible Science
Come learn how to use git to keep track of changes in your code.
Researchers and students from all disciplines welcome!
What: Git tutorial
When: Friday September 14 2018, 3:00pm
Hosted by: COMBINE (Computation and Mathematics for Biological Networks)
RSVP here and make sure to bring your laptop if you will attend
Are you overwhelmed by multiple versions of your code and haunted by trying to reproduce results from an earlier version of your code?  Version control is here to save the day!
In this tutorial we will cover the basics of one of the most widely used version control systems, git. This system allows you to easily track and manage the development of your code or project, whether for personal use or for collaboration. We will briefly overview the basic concepts and perform a live demo to get you started and end with a hands-on tutorial. We ask that you download git on your computer and create a GitHub account before this workshop (feel free to come with questions!). This is an entry-level tutorial and we do not assume previous git experience, however command line experience is a plus.
With the growing importance of writing code to analyze data across many fields of science, it is now more important than ever to track your source code using version control to ensure that your results are reproducible. Understanding how to use version control will give you the ability to keep up in this new information age.
Before the tutorial, please:
  1. Download and install git at
  2. Create a free GitHub account at
  3. Access the tutorial glossary here.