Undergraduate Research Network

The Computation and Mathematics for Biological Networks (COMBINE) program provides a unique experience, immersing students in interdisciplinary research and training that integrates quantitative modeling methods from physics and mathematics with data processing, analysis, and visualization tools from computer science. We are recruiting undergraduate students to serve as research assistants in labs associated with the program, spanning a variety of research areas – from biology to mathematics to computer science. Due to this breadth of research areas, there are many opportunities available for undergraduates to learn research techniques in different fields and become involved in a range of project types. Interested students will be matched with mentors in the program on the basis of their current skills, the training they would like to receive, and the area of research interest.

Faculty and fellows interested in recruiting undergraduate research help, please complete the following survey:

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Any questions or comments about the program can be directed to:
Chelsea Haakenson
COMBINE Director of Undergraduate Research