Statistical and Machine Learning Workshop

February 12, 2020

In this tutorial, participants learned the basics of Statistical Modeling which is integral to many areas of quantitative research. The skillset, often taught exclusively in statistics classrooms was presented by COMBINE fellows in a peer-to-peer workshop open to all graduate students to introduce these concepts. This workshop introduced core concepts and methods in statistical and machine learning to graduate students from all programs across the university. Students across disciplines were also introduced to the foundation of statistical modeling in context of performing data-driven research. This hands-on peer-to-peer workshop featured two short lectures and two interactive coding sessions, all using real-world data.  

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Codes can be accessed here: Python and R  

Leading fellows: Theresa Alexander, Chelsea Haakenson, Andrew Lauziere, Anshuman Swain, Hadi Vafaei, Hao Yiu