Travel Support

Each COMBINE fellow has access to $1500 for travel to present at conferences or attend workshops that will enhance their research efforts.
In order to use these funds, follow the following steps:
1. Discuss with your PhD advisor and obtain approval of your attendance to the event.
2. Send an email to Daniel Serrano and Glynis Smith  stating your intent and the following information:
  • Name of the event (and website with info if available)
  • Location and date of the event
  • No more than two sentences stating how this event contributes to your COMBINE fellowship
  • If available at the moment of requesting funds, title and abstract of your presentation
  • Include “COMBINE Travel Request” or similar wording in the subject so we can prioritize your email.
3. Upon receiving approval from Daniel, send an email to Glynis so you can coordinate with her on the financial aspects of the trip.

To be eligible for these funds, you should have a good standing as a COMBINE fellow, meaning that you are fulfilling the responsibilities and expectations stated in your fellowship offer letter.

You will also be asked to fill out a post-conference/workshop form that helps us with NSF reporting.