Peer-to-Peer Tutorials

To complement primarily research-focused activities like COMBINE seminars, our program includes the skill-focused Peer-to-peer (P2P) Tutorial Week. This event is held every Winter and Summer. Students work in small groups of 3-4 preparing tutorials for their peers. Groups and topics are formed by the trainees themselves, with each group advised by one or more COMBINE faculty members of its choosing. Example topics might include: understanding high throughput DNA sequencing, analyzing phase transitions in biochemical systems, and writing computer scripts to collect online data.

Tex’ What You Can Get: Introduction to LaTeX for Academic Writing
(Week of January 15, 2018)
In this tutorial, participants learned the basics of typesetting system LaTeX with an emphasis on academic writing and thesis development.
Leading fellows: Lenny Campanello, Jessica Chopyk, Jacob Isbell, James Komianos, Sanjukta Krishnagopal
Tutorial slides
Distributed LaTeX cheat-sheet

“Git” it Together: Tools for Reproducible Science
(Week of August 13, 2018)
In this tutorial, participants learned about using Git to keep track of code versions in the context of analysis reproducibility.
Leading fellows: Kevin Armengol, Danielle Middlebrooks, Dustin Moraczewski, Welles Robinson, Peng Zan
Tutorial slides
Distributed Git glossary

Go with the (Tensor)Flow: Training simple neural networks using Keras
(Week of August 20, 2018)
In this tutorial, participants learned background about neural networks and how to use Tensorflow for simple machine learning with Keras.
Leading fellows: Felix Bartsch, Greg Davis, Kelsey Dutta, Matthew Evanusa, Cal Floyd
Tutorial slides
Distributed instructions and resources